Under certain circumstances, a threaded bolt, screw or nut may be more prone to loosening on its own.  This usually happens because the fastener has been installed in a piece of equipment that undergoes constant movement, shaking or vibration.  To prevent the threaded screw or nut from coming free, there are a number of options available including nylon patching.

A nylon-based compound is applied to either part, or the entire threaded surface before being fastened.  The primary purpose is to supply additional grip.  However, nylon patching has also been known to provide a liquid-tight seal.  In very small quantities, customers can sometimes complete their own patching, but for large quantities it is best to work with a fastener solutions provider that has experience with this process and other secondary processing needs.

The end-result is a securely fastened apparatus for many years to come.
Well-known patching product brands:  Nylok®, ND-Patch®, Poly-Lok®