Kitting can serve a couple different purposes. Oftentimes they are provided to the end user to complete some minor assembly after the product is removed from its packaging. However, it can also be used in a production line environment as well. If the same person needs access to the same assortment of parts at the same place in the assembly process, it might be a good idea to consider having them packaged and stocked together. It is a convenient way for line workers to quickly and easily refill their station. It reduces the number of trips made to your VMI stocking area and reduces the likelihood that an employee might grab the wrong bin and need to make a repeat trip. Imagine the time savings. One bin. One kit. One Assembly.

In addition to the manufacturing benefits, kitting will also help to simplify your supply chain management process. Branam will reduce your need to source, order, track, receive, inspect and stock large quantities of multiple products. We will reduce your part numbers considerably, manage any secondary processing needs that might be required and package the product appropriately for your situation.

Coupled with B-Trax® Advanced Inventory Control System, you can be confident that the product will always be there when needed. Customized usage and quality reports, certifications and other documentation will be provided regularly and meetings will be scheduled periodically to review results and ensure your system is always running optimally.

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Enable Efficient Line Flow

Reduce Vendor Database

Reduce Internal Processing Costs

Customized Reporting for Analysis