As a distributor or manufacturer, you may have specifications that limit where a product can be sourced from. Branam is prepared for these situations and has proactively developed a global network of part producers that can meet any requirement. With resources on three different continents, all capable of providing a vast assortment of standard and specialty fasteners, we are confident that Branam is the solution for all your sourcing challenges.

Regardless of origin, we strive to provide customers with high quality product at a great value. To ensure this policy never gets neglected, we have implemented a number of internal and external auditing and quality control procedures. Our suppliers are inspected and reviewed and parts are regularly tested by Branam’s internal quality control department and operations team.

Branam is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization – the first in fastener distribution. It is a legacy we are proud of, and one that our customers have come to appreciate. To learn more about our quality control operations and capabilities, click here.