Sourcing hundreds of fasteners and other Class "C" parts can become a time-consuming, costly burden to any organization’s purchasing department. Ensuring that each specified fastener is sourced properly, undergoes the right secondary processing, packaged or kitted to facilitate production needs and delivered at an optimal restocking rate can be an enormous challenge. However, it’s not one that you need to take on by yourself. Branam Fastening has conveniently packaged all the capabilities of a full-service fastener solutions provider – organizing them in to a simplified system of production-line supply called B-TRAX®

Purchasing and Accounting Benefits
• Few part numbers and fewer vendors to manage
• Avoid dealing with secondary processing requirements
• Avoid stock-outs or overages
• Stable monthly invoicing costs
• Planning support for product change-overs

Benefits To Internal Quality Control
• Inspections and certifications completed by Branam Fastening
• Consistency and standardization of process and paperwork with one vendor
• QC concerns can be addressed by same rep for all fastener products
• New quality control implementation can be done more quickly with one vendor