Assorted Screws


Extensive screw inventory contains hex cap, flange, lag, machine, self-drilling, self-piercing, self-tapping, sems, socket, thread-cutting, thread-rolling and weld screws among others.


Wing Nuts


Our inventory of nuts includes cap, coupling, flange, finished hex, hex jam, k-lock, 2-way reversible, square, tee and weld nuts. Other can be sources upon request.



Stock and specialty fasteners include flat, split lock and tooth lock designs. Branam can also fulfill your mil-spec washer needs




We source some of the most common bolts including: bent anchor bolts, B-7 bolts and studs, hex caps, carriage bolts, eye bolts, elevator bolts, flange bolts, plow and tap bolts.



Rivet inventory includes multi-grip, standard blind, structural, solid and semi-tubular rivets.


retaining rings

Retaining Rings

Branam can provide an assortment of E, external and internal retaining rings.

spacers standoffs and more

Spacers, Standoffs & Electronic Hardware

urcing and stocking various panel fasteners, and hex and round spacers and standoffs.


military hardware

Military Hardware

Branam's mil-spec sourcing capabilities includes all MS, AN and NAS parts. This might include screws, washers and other fastener products in our catalog.



Our diverse inventory includes, but is not limited to, drop-in, hammer drive, hollow wall, various plastic designs and wedge anchors.


pins and clips

Pins & Clips

Stocking roll/spring, cotter, dowel and clevis pins for your various application needs.

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