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The metal stamping category encompasses a number of different processes needed to achieve the final result of a custom piece. While certain facilities may be limited to one or two capabilities, Branam is able to source all stamping, punching, forming, deburring and secondary processes. We are not restricted to internal capabilities in the way that many stamping companies are. Branam has assembled a vast network of global resources to help develop your unique part, within budget and at the right production rate regardless of your location, quantity requirements, or sourcing specifications.

Branam Fastening has the capabilities to source metal stampings in small and large quantities. For prototyping, seasonal work or specialty products, short-run stamping can be completed in very low quantities with quick turnaround times. For other, larger-production and assembly line supply, like those required by our many, valued automotive suppliers and OEM customers, quantities in excess of 300,000 can be provided. The production rate and inventory levels are managed precisely to ensure quick delivery and a steady, never-ending supply throughout the product’s life cycle.

All stampings can be plated, painted and heat treated to achieve suitable performance and longevity. Our internal quality control lab will ensure that all parts are accompanied by the proper, required certifications and quality documentation. You can learn more about many of our provided services here. To begin talking through your next project please call us directly or complete the RFQ form on this page.