CD Studs Metric and Imperial Stainless steel mild steel aluminum

CD Studs Overview

CD Studs come in small diameters (up to 3/8”) and can be made out of mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum. They are used in a wide range of industrial manufacturing applications. And unlike arc studs, CD studs do not leave a mark on the reverse side of the welded surface – an important distinction when aesthetics are at play. For more information on choosing the right weld fastener for your project, call 440-327-3200.

CD Stud Types

Flanged Threaded CD Studs


threaded no flange cd stud


no thread flanged cd stud

Flanged - No Thread

non flanged no thread cd stud

Non Flanged - No Thread

flanged acoustical hanger cd stud

Flanged Acoustical Hanger

flanged annular ring navy

Flanged Annular Ring (Navy)

bi-metallic cd weld pin

Pin Bi-Metallic

Annular Bi-Metallic Ring Weld Pin

Annular Ring Bi-Metallic

notched end bi-metallic cd weld stud

Notched End Bi-Metallic

specialty cd weld studs

Special CD Studs

CD Stud Welding Process

Step 1: The stud is loaded in to the gun and placed up against the metal welding surface.

Step 2: After the gun is activated, a capacitor discharges a high energy current through the bolt which melts both the stud and the surface of the base.

Step 3: The gun then pushes tne stud in to the molten metal.

Step 4: The molten steel then cools quickly, creating a strong weld between the stud and the base material. This process happens in milliseconds.

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