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Captive Fastener Corporation is a world-leading manufacturer of self-clinching screws, nuts, spacers and other products. These types of fasteners are designed to be inserted into sheet metal applications and provide a secure attachment point for other threaded and non-threaded assemblies. They are forced into place using a number of different types of insertion presses.

They are ideal for electronic and other commercial and industrial applications. You will see captive self-clinching fasteners used throughout the computer, communications equipment, industrial controls, vending machines, automotive and metal fabrication industries. The best way to acquire the captive brand of self-clinching fasteners is to contact one of their approved distributors.

Captive Fastener - Master Distributor

Branam is a designated Captive Fastener distributor. We are one of a select few fastener companies granted access to purchase directly from the manufacturer. Buying from us ensures you are getting genuine, high-quality Captive Fastener parts in the most efficient and economic way possible.

Captive / PEM Equivalent Cross-Reference Sheet

For almost every PEM self-clinching fastener, there is a Captive Fastener equivalent. The product numbering system is very similar with the exception of a different alpha-numeric prefix. The cross-reference document above will help.

Captive Fastener Product Categories

Captive CFAS CFAC CFFS CFFC Floatig Nuts


Captive LPH CPFK Panel Fasteners

Panel Fasteners

Captive CFS2 Panel Screw Component

Panel Screws

Captive CH CHN CHS CHA Self Clinching Pins


Captive CPN CPR Self Clinching Spring Loaded Plungers


Captive CFR2 Panel Screw Components


Captive CRM Reel Mounted Spacers and Nuts


Captive CF4-SO CF4-BSO Stainless Steel Standoffs


Captive CHTS 400 Series Stainless Studs


Captive CFWN CFWNS Projection Weld Nut

Weld Nuts


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