inch and metric arc studs

Arc Stud Overview

Arc studs are made from mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum. They are formed into many different shapes to facilitate different industry needs. Generally, arc welding is used to secure larger diameter studs (1/4” to 3/4”) to thicker metal surfaces. They are popular throughout automotive, appliance and other general manufacturing applications in addition to some construction applications. For more information call 440-327-3200.

Arc Stud Types

full thread arc studs

Full Thread

partial thread arc studs

Partial Thread

reduced base arc studs

Reduced Base

No thread arc studs

No Thread

Full base arc studs

Full Base

long reduced base arc stud

Long Reduced Base

arc shear connector

Shear Connector

headed concrete anchor

Headed Concrete Anchor

Arc Deformed Bar Anchor

Arc Boiler Tube Pin

Boiler Tube Pin

tapped full base arc stud

Tapped Full Base

tapped reduced base arc stud

Tapped Reduced Base

arc eye bolt

Shoulder Threaded

j bolt arc stud

Shoulder Annular Groove

annular ring arc stud

Shoulder No Thread

Bent No Thread

Bent Collar

Eye Bolt

J Bolt

Annular Ring

notched end navy arc stud

Notched End (Navy)

rectangular plain arc stud

Rectangular Plain

rectangular arc stud with hole

Rectangular With Hole

rectangular arc stud with T slot

Rectangular T Slot


Arc Stud Welding Process

How To Arc Weld

Step 1: After a ferrule and stud have been loaded in to the gun, the weldable end of the fastener is placed against the work surface.

What is Arc Welding

Step 2: After puilling the trigger on the stud welding gun, an electrical arc is drawn which melts both the end of the fastener and the metal surface it is being welded to.

Arc Weld Process

Step 3: If a ceramic ferrule is utilized, it will contain the molten metal inside to ensure a strong weld.

4 step arc weld description

Step 4: The molten metal cools immediately to form a stong bond. After the weld is complete, the ceramic ferrule is broken and removed with a light tap from a hammer or other tool.

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