Depending on the size and application of the valve, pump or coupling you are manufacturing, the biggest challenge is often locating a steady source of fasteners that meets the specified performance attributes. From water supply and treatment to chemical processing, the variations of corrosion-resistance, shear strength, torque limits, internal thread yield strength and other factors are almost limitless. A number of secondary processes like electroplating or patching can oftentimes help achieve many of these specifications. Other important decisions like material type and adjustments to steps in the heat forging or cold forming process can help deliver additional performance.

Branam Fastening is a solutions provider that has the answers to all of your valve, pump and coupling challenges.

Common products we source:

Studbolts and Nuts
Socket Cap Screws
Engineer Studs
Socket Countersunk Screws
Socket Setscrews
Clamping Systems
Hexagon Bolts and Nuts
Hexagon Nyloc Nuts
Machined Parts

Some of the materials we offer:

All Grades of Stainless Steels
Super Duplex