There has never been a more important time to identify opportunities for efficiency and simplification in the production process. In the Heavy Equipment manufacturing industry, competition is continually growing and margins are getting smaller and smaller every day. The increased complexity in designs often equates to an increase in manufacturing costs and requires a larger supply chain with a more diverse portfolio of companies to source individual components. However, it isn’t necessary for fasteners and other class “C” items to fall in to this category of costly complexity.

With the right full service fastener solutions provider, all your sourcing, secondary processing, packaging and inventory requirements can be solved by one company. Branam Fastening Systems has been efficiently supplying and supporting heavy equipment manufacturers for decades with stock and specialty fasteners, weldable studs and stud welding equipment. Our expertise in secondary processing has helped to ensure the products we provide will resist the most corrosive environments and perform well beyond the full service life of the machinery.

Branam was the first ISO 9001 certified company in stud welding. Our domestic and foreign suppliers have A2LA laboratories and are TS and ISO certified as well. Quality and consistency are issues we take very seriously and we strive to ensure all inventory shipped meets the high standards of our manufacturing customers.

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