With a slightly improving economy consumers are starting to build again and remodel, so the demand for home appliances has also experienced a small rebound. The challenge for many companies is tapping in to the mind of the consumer and understanding what they find useful, attractive and are willing to pay for. The race to create the next novel interface, or add capabilities never yet realized, has become increasingly competitive for the appliance manufacturing market. As the industry begins moving towards a more connected home, manufacturers are looking for innovative ways to link functionality and efficiency through technology - and these new designs require new assembly components.

Once the final specs are settled upon the production and supply challenges that follow are almost as difficult to solve as the design phase itself. From physical concept development to high-volume production, Branam can be your single fastener supplier as our capabilities allow for both small quantity and high volume sourcing. And with the introduction of more digital technology, a need exists for more electronic components in addition to the standard assembly fasteners. Branam is capable of providing both and a host of other rubber gaskets, tubing and stamped products.

Combined with plating, patching, kitting and other services, there are very few challenges Branam can’t solve as your fastener supply partner. Want to learn more about our solutions?