From lawnmowers to power drills and snow throwers to heaters, a number of Branam’s best customers have 2 or 3 shift assembly lines and a constant demand for stock and specialty fasteners. Each with very different performance requirements, this group of customers utilizes the full range of the Branam solutions portfolio. Whether paint color matching is needed for screw heads, plating for enhanced corrosion-resistance or kitting to help facilitate plant or destination assembly, our account team will ensure all your needs are met.

Sourcing fasteners and other class “C” parts does not have to be a complicated, time-consuming process at your organization. Simplify your vendor network, streamline your receiving and quality control operations, reduce product SKUs and virtually eliminate stock outs from happening. Plus, clean consolidated monthly billing and cost center reporting will give you a complete and accurate account of product usage and financial information.

Let Branam Fastening Systems develop a customized solutions plan for your organization.