#10-24 x Unpiloted – 4 Projections Square Weld Nuts | Buckeye WS 1501 | Paulin n/a


This weld nut is a square nut with four projections located to provide proper seating and sturdy positive welds. It also has deep threads for secure engagement and strength. The weld nut is also countersunk on both sides to guide the mating screw quickly into the threads. Rounded corners on the weld nut ease use in confined areas. It is easily fixtured for rapid welding by a locator pin in the electrode. These projection weld nuts provide strong, primary fastener foundations which can improve product reliability, speed production and help reduce fastening costs.

BFS SKU: WN-U4PS-1024316
Buckeye Part #: WS 1501
Paulin Part #: n/a

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