#10-24 x Piloted – 4 Projections Square Weld Nuts | Buckeye WP 1501 | Paulin n/a


The square piloted projection weld nuts are designed for use in through-hole applications. A precision pilot facilitates feeding by locating quickly and positively in the sheet hole. Rounded corners ease use in confined areas and the four projections provide proper seating and strong welds. Long a favorite of automotive and farm equipment manufacturers, the square, piloted weld nut has four large weld projections to ensure a strong, reliable weld every time. The countersunk locating pilot guides the mating part into the threaded hole. Available in various pilot heights so it can be welded to a wide range of metal thicknesses.

BFS SKU: WN-P4PS-10240145
Buckeye Part #: WP 1501
Paulin Part #: n/a

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Measurement System

Thread Diameter & Pitch

Width "A"

Thickness "B"

Pilot Height "F"

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