#10-24 x .656 Closed End With Ring Projection Flanged Weld Nuts | Buckeye WW 1506 | Paulin n/a


This weld nut is a blind-hole tapped nut. It has a 360 degree ring projection that provides a sound hermetic seal designed to eliminate cumbersome operations of sealing, caulking or installing gaskets. Additional weld strength is provided by the greater weld area of this nut’s 360 degree ring projection. This makes it particularly suitable for welding to thin sheets. Extra long thread engagement of this weld nut assures fastening security of mating parts.

BFS SKU: WN-CERP-1024656
Buckeye Part #: WW 1506
Paulin Part #: n/a

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Measurement System

Thread Diameter & Pitch

Length "C"

Flange Diameter "A"

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Thread Length "TL"

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