#10-24 x 5/8 Rectangular – 4 Projections Tab Weld Nuts | Buckeye QN 1501 | Paulin 24 1501


The rectangular 4 projection tab weld nut has four identical precision projections. They are positioned and designed to fuse simultaneously so each projection flows and seats properly for maximum weld strength. The four projections provide additional weld area coverage with maximum strength. The pilot on this weld nut provides additional thread engagement and prevents any possible shunting of the projections onto the threads. This eliminates the necessity of retapping filled threads.

BFS SKU: WN-R4PT-102458
Buckeye Part #: QN 1501
Paulin Part #: 24 1501

Additional information

Measurement System

Thread Diameter & Pitch

Width "A"

Length "C"

Thickness "B"

Pilot Height "F"

Pilot Diameter "E"

Projection Height "H"

Projection Width "G"