#10-24 x .375 3 Projections On Top Flanged Weld Nuts | Buckeye WF 1537 | Paulin 14 1537


On this weld nut, the projections are located right on the top of the flange to permit welding to (rather than through) the surface of the component. Three precision projections of uniform height and mass are properly positioned on the flange to assure a weld that leaves the exterior surface of the component virtually unmarred.

BFS SKU: WN-T3F-1024375
Buckeye Part #: WF 1537
Paulin Part #: 14 1537

Additional information

Measurement System

Thread Diameter & Pitch

Length "C"

Flange Diameter "A"

Flange Height "B"

Projection Height "H"

Projection Width "G"