#10-24 x 3 Projections Round Flat Weld Nuts | Buckeye RD 1501 | Paulin 44 1501


The round flat weld nut was designed for applications where orientation is a factor, where there are space limitations and where they will be applied by automatic equipment. This weld nut is a self-locating, through-hole weld nut with three precision, spherical weld projections that give strong, uniform welds. The round flat projection weld nuts offer clean design and reliability. They can speed up production and reduce fastening costs. The BFWN and BFWNS series part is ideally suited for use in confined areas because of its small diameter relative to the thread size. The precision pilot orients the nut in the mounting hole eliminating the need for fixturing or special electrodes.

BFS SKU: WN-RF3P-1024332
Buckeye Part #: RD 1501
Paulin Part #: 44 1501

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Measurement System

Thread Diameter & Pitch

Width "A"

Thickness "B"

Pilot Height "F"

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Projection Height "H"

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