#10-24 x 1 Threaded CD Stud


Non-Flanged CD weld studs are normally used in applications that require close run down of a nut or where there is a problem with interference of the flange with the part to be mounted on the weld stud. The weld will not be as strong as a flanged stud and test welding should be carried out to determine if adequate weld strength can be achieved on the customer’s application. Non-flanged studs tend to be more expensive than the same size flanged studs, and Cutlass recommends that standard flanged studs are used wherever possible. Lengths up to 1.0″ are stocked, however tooling is available for most sizes. Non-stocked sizes are available by special order (minimum order quantities may apply).

BFS Part#: CD-NFT-10241

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Measurement System

Thread Diameter & Pitch "TD"

Stud Length "SL"

Base Diameter "BD"