#10-24 x 1 T3 Projection Screws

#10-24 x 1 T3 Projection Screws


A weld screw with three projections on top of the head is used for welding to the sheet surface, not through it. From a design standpoint, this screw will eliminate the necessity for holes, thus is ideal for those applications where product appearance or potential leakage is a prime consideration. There are no screw heads to protrude or spoil appearance or the product. With 3 projection top of head weld screws, the exterior surface is left virtually unmarred. The weld screw is an excellent choice for blind locations too, because it can be permanently pre-attached.

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Measurement System

Thread Diameter & Pitch "TD"

Stud Length "SL"

Stud Head Thickness "HT"

Stud Head Diameter "HD"