2017 Economic Trends | What Sheet Metal Fabricators Need To Know

The strength of the U.S. dollar is making it difficult for much of the world to buy American-made products. This has a particularly negative impact on companies within sectors that rely heavily on exports for revenue and growth; aerospace, computers and electronics, machinery and appliances. Unfortunately, many of these sectors


Vehicle manufacturers worldwide are expected to see record high sales in the upcoming years – topping 18 million units in 2017 and 2018 according to IHS. This increased demand for the production of quality passenger automobiles and motorcycles, public transport vehicles and heavy-duty shipping and freight vehicles is not without its challenges. Whether you are

B-TRAX® Advanced VMI System

Sourcing hundreds of fasteners and other Class “C” parts can become a time-consuming, costly burden to any organization’s purchasing department. Ensuring that each specified fastener is sourced properly, undergoes the right secondary processing, packaged or kitted to facilitate production needs and delivered at an optimal restocking rate can be an enormous challenge. However, it’s not

Quality Control

ISO 9001:2015 CertificateBranam is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. In addition to our own proprietary control procedures, we adhere to a number of industry standards and quality measurement systems. Our internal control team specializes in working with clients, of various industries, to develop and implement a long-term plan that meets their needs and ensures a

Domestic and Global Sourcing

As a distributor or manufacturer, you may have specifications that limit where a product can be sourced from. Branam is prepared for these situations and has proactively developed a global network of part producers that can meet any requirement. With resources on three different continents, all capable of providing a vast assortment of standard and


Kitting can serve a couple different purposes. Oftentimes they are provided to the end user to complete some minor assembly after the product is removed from its packaging. However, it can also be used in a production line environment as well. If the same person needs access to the same assortment of parts at the

Coatings / Platings

Selecting the proper coating for your fasteners can be difficult. While many of our customers specify and know with great certainty the coating that will work for them, others may need some assistance in making a decision. The primary purposes of coatings is to provide corrosion resistance, protection and in some cases, lubricity. Taking in

Services Overview

Every industry has a different set of inventory, product performance and packaging needs. We offer a large selection of services designed to maximize the benefit of selecting Branam as your single fastener solutions provider. Our overall goal is simplification and peace-of-mind for the customer. We utilize our vast internal resources and robust network of secondary

Deep-Root Saves Window Manufacturer Thousands

A nationwide window manufacturer located just outside Cleveland, Ohio was experiencing an unusually large volume of service calls for one particular issue. It seemed that in many cases, the regular type A and type B sheet metal screws being used to attach the lock and keepers onto windows were failing