Arc or CD – Which Process Is Right For My Application?

Should I Use An Arc Or CD Stud? Many customers who are not familiar with stud welding ask us whether their application is best accomplished by using the CD (Capacitor Discharge) process or the drawn arc process. Each has distinct advantages in certain applications. And in some cases, the characteristics

Strong And Consistent CD Stud Welding Requires Proper Grounding

Many users of the stud welding process sometimes begin to have inconsistent results after they have had great, consistent results on other applications. Sometimes results seem to vary, even on the same application from day-to-day or operator-to-operator. Grounding is very critical when it comes to having a dependable, repeatable, consistent

2017 Economic Trends | What Sheet Metal Fabricators Need To Know

The strength of the U.S. dollar is making it difficult for much of the world to buy American-made products. This has a particularly negative impact on companies within sectors that rely heavily on exports for revenue and growth; aerospace, computers and electronics, machinery and appliances. Unfortunately, many of these sectors

Deep-Root Saves Window Manufacturer Thousands

A nationwide window manufacturer located just outside Cleveland, Ohio was experiencing an unusually large volume of service calls for one particular issue. It seemed that in many cases, the regular type A and type B sheet metal screws being used to attach the lock and keepers onto windows were failing