Deep-Root Saves Window Manufacturer Thousands

window and door assembly & installationA nationwide window manufacturer located just outside Cleveland, Ohio was experiencing an unusually large volume of service calls for one particular issue. It seemed that in many cases, the regular type A and type B sheet metal screws being used to attach the lock and keepers onto windows were failing soon after installation. With each service call costing the company approximately $75, it was crucial the issue be resolved quickly in a way that not only ensured repairs would endure long-term, but also prevent the incident from appearing in future product installations.

Because of our experience with the window and door industry, Branam Fastening Systems was contacted and asked to consult on the issue. A representative from the company attended several service calls and analyzed samples where the failure occurred. Having seen the issue with similar customers, the fix was implemented quickly. The standard type A and type B sheet metal screws were substituted for deep-root screws. These specialized screws are manufactured with a larger diameter and a slightly more-angled thread. This allows for a secure connection without causing wear or erosion of the vinyl and wood substrates. The screws have a slightly increased cost (10%) associated with them, but it far outweighed the service call costs associated with using alternative fastener options.

The result of Branam’s efforts saved the company nearly $4500/ month in the short-term, but their relationship with BFS has grown over time. This has led to additional cost savings from sourcing, kitting, quality control and other product and service offerings.

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